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Today, when 75% of all website traffic comes from search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN, it’s really important to have an online presence in the major search engines.

If you’re more interested in how search engine optimisation can grow your business and increase your website’s revenue than in learning how SEO works, then Snazzy Media is for you!

Unless you’ve got a completely unique product, there are hundreds of sites offering the same products and services so, if you’re not on the first pages of the search engines, you risk

  • missing potential sales or enquiries
  • losing your potential clients to your competitors on a daily basis
  • a lack of brand visibility which will strengthen your competitors’ brands
  • losing customer trust (customers place a great deal of reliance on ‘organic search’)

Search engines all differ in the ranking algorithms and your ranking on different search engines may differ dramatically as a result. At Snazzy Media, we undertake a comprehensive ‘keyword analysis report’ to select keywords and phrases that will lift you up the rankings, thus increasing visitor ‘traffic.’

We choose the right words to put your company ahead of its competitors and ensure that potential customers don’t miss out on your website. We take an integrated approach to optimising your website’s potential, carefully selecting the maximum number of key words and phrases that relate directly to your site content. As a result, we will help you achieve a good search engine ranking, but also ensure that you attract the ‘right type of traffic.’

At Snazzy Media, we’re about so much more than simply getting the job done. We’re prepared to go that extra mile and thrive on the challenges of helping you climb the website rankings and outshine your competitors.

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